FLOW - The rigorous and sculpted design of the washbasin made of cementitious resin and Tekhnos, an innovative and versatile material, fits into the setting with a note of outstanding elegance and proposes five delicate shades: pure white, ivory, Pietra Serena stone, tan and earthenware. The special horizontal cut to drain the water and the square but smoothly inserted shape created an exclusive design object to match with suspended elements or elements on wheels, available in wood or lacquered finishes.

FLOW 10 cm. 120+160+22+38, laccato cappuccino M51 opaco e pietra M92 opaco, piano lavabo in Tekhnos cuoio.

FLOW 20 cm. 140+140, laccato bianco M86 opaco, piano lavabo in Tekhnos pure white.

FLOW 30 cm. 120, laccato grigio ardesia M89 opaco, top resina cementizia grigio chiaro A037.

FLOW - Cement

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